Our Story

Poppy and Sam Wall are the husband and wife team behind Eym. The idea came about when Poppy was pregnant with their first child and she read an article explaining the negative effects of synthetic candles and the level of toxins released when they are burnt. Poppy was not willing to part with her candle habit, and so alongside her graphic designer husband Sam, they decided to create 100% natural, chemical-free candles, that were as pure in their aesthetic as they were in ingredients.

When they began Eym, they were told by many perfumers and candle makers that there was no way to make cost-effective, 100% natural fragrance and that it would be a lot easier if they used the long-serving ingredient of synthetics. Synthetic fragrance is cheap and simple to make - a kilo of synthetic rose fragrance costs about £100, compared to a single teaspoon of natural rose oil costing around £150. But Poppy and Sam did not want to compromise on anything and so, after much development, working alongside the UK’s top natural perfumers, they created unique blends for the purest candles possible, using only soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oils. Eym ensures the aromatherapy blends they create also have a positive therapeutic effect on emotional well-being. These candles are more than just a nice fragrance. Whether it be sleep, relaxation, restoration or meditation, they’ve got you covered.

  Eym is proud to say that additionally all their ingredients and packaging are ethically and sustainably sourced and always British made.